Adot Gymnasium
    oint activities (aerobics), cycling activity (Spinning), Children and adults Taekwondo training, personal training , HUGO, lokeri rent, salsa dancing, Zumba and sawna and Stem (women and men), massage therapy (women and men), quality towels, single shoes, and with waiting rooms, adequate educational experience serve trainers and other professionals Leads, Physical integrity and tissue ingredients measuring equipment purchased, health and personal physical position to add Provider, etc. . City: Addis Ababa City  Kifle Ketema: Nefassilk Lafto  Sefer: Besrate Gebriel 
    Kebele: 01 
    Direction: Around Lafto Moll   Building: Adote Building   Branch:   Flat: 3rd Floor  
    Phone: +251-11-3203694/97   +251-11-3716440/65/90