Dr.Beyenech Psychological Services
    CLINICAL SERVICE :- traumatic stress disorder. victims of personal violence ( rape,incest child molestation) self control of health related habit problem psycho-therapy (group and individual ) divorce adjustment and post -divorce relationship counseling , complete diagnostic evaluations COURT EVALUATION ,CUSTODY ,COMPETENCE:- behavioral consultation for professionals , problem behavior children , occupational stress , harassment ,executive stress ,substance abuse and alcoholism,marriage and relationship counseling ,family therapy. Intellectual disabilities programming for in home or agency use, development and learning disabilities , play therapy for children City: Addis Ababa City  Kifle Ketema: Arada  Sefer: Kebena 
    Kebele: 07 
    Direction: Inside Negatu & Family Building   House No.: 027  
    Building:   Branch:   Flat:  
    Phone: +251-93-1686358   +251-91-2679386   +251-11-8704636  
    P.O.Box 30715  
    Website/Email: beyoutsegaye@gmail.com