Tapu Preparation Foods
    Doro Wet, kaye Wet, Alcha wot, Michet-Abish kaye Wet /Alcha wot/, Meser kaye Wet /Alcha wot/Ater-Keke kaye Wet /Alcha wot/Pasta Sous, Yewot kulet, Berbere, Shiro, Enjera, Difo Dabo, Hibist, Mulmul, Traditional and Continental food, Spices and Cereals to Supply For University, School, Hotels, Restaurant,Government and Non government Office and Export Branch: Sales Office   City: Addis Ababa City  Kifle Ketema: Yeka  Sefer: Wesen 
    Kebele: 01/02 
    Direction: Around Noc Gas Station Inside Estifanos Building   Building:   Branch:   Flat:  
    Phone: +251-92-1914059   +251-92-9001378  
    P.O.Box 23392/1000  
    Website/Email: web:-www.tapusfood.com    tapu's@yahoo.com